Sunday, July 12, 2015

July :12 of 12

Today is the 12 of the month, so here are 12 photos of my day as it unfolded. 

1) It is summer, so what else do we do but ride bikes? Obviously the 6 acres on which we live is not enough, we must load the bikes and ride elsewhere. 

2) Safety first. 

3) While the kids rode (for the first part of the day) I went and worked on my paper. This is the view from the office I was in and I'm fairly certain they turn off the a/c on the weekends cause it's CRAZY hot in there. 


5) I worked for a few hours then went to meet the family at the splash park. Who did I meet but Winnie the Pooh?! 

6) Forget the splash park - they found puddles!!!! 

9) You know it's hot when a) momma hasn't showered and is in a ball cap b) zed steals momma a water c) mom can't see what photo she is taking cause the Suns in her eyes d) all of the above. 

10) sometimes mom breaks out the tools to fix bikes .

11) sometimes we fix them ourselves . 

12) it's always a good end to the day when a friend makes sure I've seen this sexy shot of the hottest woman alive right now. 

That's my day in photos people's! 

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Michelle said...

Loved the surprise ending!!! The kids are too cute, too!