Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Six week frustration

I've been working out for six weeks at a bootcamp which I attend daily from Monday to Friday. 
Today was a huge frustration for me. I don't feel like a single thing has changed since I began working out. My clothing fits the same. I weigh the same. I still can't do burpees or anything that requires me to jump. I am the slowest when we so lunges for warmup. I've reduced drastically the amount of Pop I'm drinking - I haven't had any for days and days and I used to drink up to five cans per day. I've almost completely stopped eating any kind of junk food - I was bad on the nights last month when I was working at the group home because Pop and chocolate bars are easy to take to work when i am not able to stop and cook anything, but in not picking up shifts anymore and so my eating is better on a daily basis. 
I've been keeping a daily log of the food I eat and I honestly don't think I am eating as poorly as I was 6 weeks ago. 
I feel tired , I know I'm not getting enough  sleep and of course I am bloated and blech today. 
I know I need to stay motivated and keep on going but today I am just tired and feel like there have been no results at all and I want to take a break. It sucks to work so hard and feel like nothing has changed. 

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