Sunday, October 14, 2012

Canadian Book Challenge: another disappointment

I signed up for the Canadian Book Challenge because I was inspired by fellow blogger Teena. I had a goal set to read 65 books this year and have already completed that challenge and I was kind of, sort of , looking for something else to get involved in.
The purpose of the challenge is to read books about Canada or by Canadian Authors. I have to admit that the idea of reading books by Canadian authors is intimidating to me. Something about reading books by Canadians is scary - it reminds me of the first time I listened to a lesbian comedienne. I felt as though I was on the periphery of a group that I knew nothing about and all the inside jokes went over my head. I am a Canadian citizen, however I was not born here.
When I went to University in the USA I had to take an American history class. I signed up for the class that was called "America History for the Canadian student". The only problem was, I was not raised in Canada and my knowledge of Canadian history was sketchy at best. The class turned out to be, not simply an American history class, but a comparative look at the evolution of history between Canada and the USA. Needless to say I got my butt KICKED by that class and it has haunted me ever since.
I love Canada, but I am COMPLETELY aware of how much I do not know as much about Canada as I should.
Television programs written and produced in Canada baffled me, and the thought of reading a book by a Canadian author was something I have avoided consciously. So I thought this challenge might be good for me.
Imagine my surprise when I looked up Canadian authors on Goodreads and found that I have not only already READ books by Canadian authors, I have read them AND LIKED THEM!

Life of Pi

Water for Elephants


The Birth House

There was no reason for me to be intimidated by these books! Unfortunately I have already read these books and I am not really one for reading a book again just for the sake of a book challenge, so I needed to go out and find some others.

Imagine my surprise when I got home and found books by Canadian authors ON MY BOOKSHELF AT HOME - and ones I had never read! This challenge was going to be easier than I thought!

I have now read two books in the Canadian Book Challenge. I went to the website to enter the name of the second book and post my review of it here on my blog. Imagine my surprise when I was not listed as being a participant in this challenge! I resent all my information and hoped to see my name withina week or so. To date it has still not been posted.

I guess I will continue to try and read books by Canadian authors even though I am disheartened. I may even post about them here. I may not. I think if someone is going to host a challenge they have a responsibility to the people who sign up for participation. That's just me though.

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Teena in Toronto said...

There are tons of Canadian authors. I especially like Linwood Barclay.

You can do it :)