Monday, October 15, 2012

Canadian Book Challenge: Anna Dressed in Blood

I just finished the book "Anna Dressed in Blood".

It meets the criteria for the Canadian Book Challenge because it is set in Thunder Bay, Ontario.

I think I have mentioned that I am having a difficult time with this challenge and so I was THRILLED to discover as I started reading that this book takes place in Canada and that I could count it towards my books read (this makes 2 of 13!)

Cas Loswood is a 17 year old who kills the dead. His father was also a ghost killer, until a ghost got the better of him and devoured him leaving his son fatherless and responsible for picking up where he left off.
Cas moves from place to place dispatching ghosts who have remained on earth and kill people themselves.
Anna proves to be something that Cas has ever encountered before - sentient, sad, and inexplicably growing in power.
When two boys try to offer Anna a human sacrifice by taking Cas to her house, knocking him unconscious and throwing him inside, Anna does something unusual - leaving unconscious and bleeding Cas alone and killing one of his attackers instead.
Cas becomes captivated by Anna and the two develop a relationship. Now Cas has to deal with the challenge which brought him to Ontario - Killing Anna.

I absolutely LOVED this book. Unfortunately the setting had little to do with the plot and aside of a few references to Canadians and one comment about scenery and the boreal forest the book really could have taken place anywhere. I am still counting this as a Canadian Book because it was SO good and Thunder Bay WAS mentioned!


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Teena in Toronto said...

You still have lots of time to get to 13 :)

Doesn't sound like my kind of book.