Thursday, June 21, 2012

Max graduates

It is so hard to believe my baby boy, my first born, has graduated from kindergarten.
He amazes me every day with the things he learns and just how grown up he is. Grade one here he comes!
Today in the graduation ceremony h e sang his heart out and did all the actions to the songs. I remember when we first went to see him in stepping forward, his aide had to sit behind him and hold his arms to do the actions and he didn't sing a word of the song. Last night I was in the van with him and he was singing away and telling me what song they were performing today (Love in my family).
Yesterday afternoon we went and got him a haircut and he sat so well in the chair. His head did keep drifting to the right, but he was GREAT. In so many ways he is outgrowing his need to have us close and hold his hand. I love watching him grow, but I sure do miss having him depend on me so much.

 After his graduation with the family.

 Waiting in line to get his certificate.

 Singing Love in my Family.
 Certificate in hand!
With mom at the school entrance. Last day and first day!


The Bumbles said...

You are a beautiful family - the love and support you provide for each other is inspiring.

And I get what you mean - it is so sad when I leave Sammy for work and he cries, but a tiny part of me inside likes that he wants me to be there so badly ;0)

Teena in Toronto said...

You guys must be so proud :)