Friday, June 1, 2012

Blogging for LGBT families

It's blogging for LGBT families - and we are one!!!

It amazes me to realize that Shel and I have been together for more than fifteen years AND that we have been parenting for almost SIX of those years! Where has the time gone? From the moment we became a couple we knew we wanted to have children. We had no idea how this was going to be possible, but we knew we wanted to parent. There were some obstacles to having "natural" children, and we DID try, but it was not meant to be.

I LOVE being a parent. I LOVE my sons. I LOVE doing all the things that are considered just the normal things that all families of all kinds do every day in every part of the world.

The boys are growing up SO fast. it is hard to believe my teeny tiny little boy, only four pounds when he came to us at a day old is going to be FOUR already. He's a bike riding, soccer playing, "big boy" now. He has a heart of gold and is still so excited to see me when I come home from work every day and still blows kisses to me when I leave in the morning. He talks every day about how big he is, how grown he is, and although I am excited for all the new things he is learning and doing, I miss the days he fit into my arms AND STAYED THERE!

And my Miracle Max. The boy who everyone said "couldn't". Couldn't hear, couldn't swallow, Couldn't sleep, Couldn't do anything - possibly ever. What an amazing boy he is. He is my heart.

It was three years ago that he was non-verbal and deaf. He is the most determined person I know. When he couldn't crawl he was frustrated that he couldn't get around and worked at it until he could. Then he was frustrated that he couldn't walk and so he did. Last summer his training wheels were broken and I needed to get a part for his bike in town, but he was frustrated he couldn't ride for the day so he picked up his bike and rode. People STILL say "he can't" and he just does it anyway!

On this day of blogging for LGBT families, I have to say I am grateful. Grateful for my spouse and my sons. Grateful for my home, my pets, my parents and my siblings. Grateful for the school teachers that have Max make two things for mothers day. Grateful for my friends. Grateful to live in a country where we can be legally married and have our sons share our family name (even though Max complains it is the longest name in his class that he has to write out!) Grateful for a life ahead of us full of laughter, growth, milestones and even grateful for the bad times - because all of it is a part of being a family.


Teena in Toronto said...

Awesome family shot :)

You and Shel rock!

JCB said...

Thanks Teena!