Thursday, May 13, 2010

Thursday Thirteen: April Snapshot

1. Photo of me:
This is how projects in our house are completed.... with lots of help from interested and helpful little hands. I hung a new baby gate at the bottom of the stairs with enough clearance for our fat cats to squeeze under. What I didn't realize at the time was that enough clearance for our fat cats made enough clearance for everyone other than the two adults and great dane puppy!

2. Current candle scents: I really need to change this "snapshot" because although I enjoy candles I have to admit I have had two new candles in the past 12 months. So instead of current candle scent.... so I will instead give a snapshot of....

2. Something I accomplished this month from my list of things to do that I am most happy about: I framed a photo of some art my boy did in school. It is hanging in the kitchen.

3. What I am currently reading: Hunting Fear by Kay Hooper

4. What is my favorite book read this month: Without a doubt, The Birth House by Ami McKay.

5. Movie I saw: The Blindside. I saw a few movies this month and didn't like any of them except for The Blindside.

6. Something yummy I made this month: I didn't make anything yummy this month, but I put together our new BBQ!

7. The last place I ate out: This is another selection I need to edit. Since moving to our small community we have about two places we eat out - if at all - and one place we used to frequent we do so less now that we have a son allergic to soy. Literally my answer to this question would not vary all year. So I am going to snapshot instead:

7. Something fun we did together as a family this month: This month we got a puppy. We have had a lot of fun getting a crate ready, playing with the puppy and the crate and getting to know our newest family member. He is a great fit.

8. Something that made me cry: Not this month!

9. Something that made me laugh: My oldest son is cracking me up. he has a wicked sense of humor and a sense of style all his own. Here is a clip of something that made me laugh this month:

10. Something I looked forward to this month: Getting my taxes done.

11. Something I am thankful for: I am thankful for my sons who are growing up to be wonderful people.

12. Something I want to remember about this month: I learned a lesson this month about fear. I have now been "out" for about 13 years. Through the coming out process some people that I was close to, for whatever reason, chose to exclude me from their lives. As a result of this I isolated myself from other people who I considered to be friends with because I feared that they would no longer want to be associated with me also. This month I reconnected with one of the people that I had "lost touch" with and - like I do - I feared her reaction once she knew I was homosexual. She surprised me, she was warm and receptive and excited to hear what I was up to. I realized how much I have come to allow fear to govern my actions and I made a decision to try and let go of the fear. It hasn't proven to do much for me that is positive! It was a good lesson to learn and I hope I can "go with it"!

13. A photo I took this month: We got a new addition to our family. A great dane puppy named "hugo" it was a departure for us in the naming of our pet, because we typically give all our dogs names in Shona (language from Zimbabwe) but Hugo was already named and M could say the name so we kept it. He is an AWESOME dog.


Teena in Toronto said...

The puppy looks like he has settled in okay :)

Mickey said...

I love Max's version of "are we there yet".

Great Dane puppies and toddlers, as you know now yourself, is the most amazing combination ever since the creation of time! :D