Wednesday, May 12, 2010

12 of 12: May

Each month Chad Darnell hosts 12 of 12. The idea is to take 12 pictures of your day and post them on your blog and then check out what everyone else has posted from around the world through links found on Chad's blog. I love it and I look forward to it each month. You can link to Chad HERE.

1. 11:00pm

Another overnight bag. I am staying in town tonight because I have to work early tomorrow morning. Can't wait until I am no longer carrying this bag back and forth.

2. 10:00pm

Downloading my flip. I love my flip.

3. 7:00pm

I have long been fascinated with bees and beehives. I now work at a college where beekeeping used to be a course that was offered (before my time) and people would literally come from around the globe to be instructed in the art of beekeeping. There are a few apiaries still around here and they put out hives in the spring. These hives are particularly close to the road I drive on to work each day.

4. 7:00 pm

5. 7:00 pm
6. 6:00 pm

There is some major construction happening on the highway between our house and town. There have been back hoes working on replacing drainage pipes under the road for about 2 weeks now. There are probably about 6 or 7 back hoes we pass on the way into town. My son is OBSESSED. We count them and talk about what color each one is and what they are doing - EVERY time we pass one!

7. 6:00

The work appears to be complete and the backhoes are pulling out. There were only two on the road - much to the chagrin of my boy.

8. 5:45

9. 5:30

The boys came to get me at work for a minute to show me something they had found. I was trying to get a picture of c-notes shoes and as I was crouching he was copying me! He cracks me up.

10. 5:25 pm

M found an outlet. What a shock.

11. 4:00

Time for registration AGAIN. I need to get this over and done with already. Darn Thesis.

12. 11:00am

Some kids in the field to the south of my office. Must be springtime!



kids will never fail to amaze you. as yours seem still quite young, you still have a long journey ahead. enjoy!!

Lucrecia Bloggia said...

I've always been scared by bees! Must be after a bad experience when I was a kid with an arm in plaster!!
Oh no, it was a wasp's nest on witch I walked over! And guess where those insects went! Yep! In the plaster!!

But I like to watch documentaries on tv (much safer as far as I'm concerned) about bees and insects in general. I think human has a lot to learn from them.

Nice 12! And thank you for your visit on my blog!

Jill said...

Boys and heavy machinery... it must be genetically encoded in them. My friend's boy is all about the "loada" (loader... they're from New England).

Oh, and thanks for the reminder. I need honey. :)

P.S. Hope you get good adoption news soon. AND.. I LOVE Tikki Tikki... I was singing along while reading the name. Thanks for bringing back a nice memory of childhood. :)

Pete said...

I've heard good things about the Flip as a low cost and tiny and portable video recorder. Thanks for reminding me I need to look into them.

Good luck counting the backhoes until next month Julie :)

~Sheryl said...

Hi Julie,
Nice 12. I've been eyeing one of those Flips too, is it easy to download and save from?

Isn't it awesome when your kids crack you up?

Thanks for stopping by my blog (crap-o-rama).

Dogeared said...

Boys and their machines... my friends' boys are the same, counting diggers, combine harvesters, JCBs, Landrovers... so funny! I love how c-note copied you crouching down, too.

Good luck with the thesis!