Wednesday, May 26, 2010

meme: Day two

So today the question is what is my favorite movie. I have to admit although I am a huge fan of movies I tend to watch a movie once and then never watch it again. I started out the other day by posting one favorite movie and since then I have been back three times to add movies to the list. I am terrible about trying to limit my options!
1. Water.
If you haven't seen this movie you should!

2. Crash (from 2004).

The thing I love about this movie is the way the characters are shown as "real" people - people with flaws, people with inner conflict, people with more than one side to their personalities. When we left the theater after seeing this movie we talked about it for DAYS. I love movies that give me something to think about, and I love Sandra Bullock!

3. Set it Off.
When I was in college and in the early days of being in a relationship with my current spouse, I used the privileges of my employment to go into the movie theater with my then "date" and watch a rented movie on the big screen. I love watching movies on the big screen. The movie we watched was Set it Off and it was the first time I had seen it. The theme in the movie about friendship, specifically friendships between women, was something that resonated with me. My reaction to the movie was quite..... severe (?) I guess you would say. I cried hysterically. Looking back on the moment makes me laugh - I am not a "crier" at the best of times and here I was in this VERY new relationship, on a date, "ugly" crying. Oh how funny. The fact that my date didn't run away screaming let me know very early on that she was a keeper!

4. Bound.

I think I would lose my lesbian card if I listed movies and didn't list one with a lesbian theme. This is not easy to do because there are precious few good lesbian films out there - in my humble opinion. Bound is worth a watch... I won't lie, I'll watch it again!

5. Slumdog Millionaire.

Do I need to say anything about this choice?

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Teena in Toronto said...

"Crash" was excellent!