Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Why we make a good couple...part 1

My spouse and I have been together a long time - I mean to say - we were together even before ELLEN came out!

We are very different as individuals and still we come together and complement one another well. Tonight is one example of that. Let me explain.....

I came home tonight and found Shel cleaning up vomit. Max had somehow consumed milk (when and where he got into it is still under investigation). He is allergic to milk and it made him more than a little ill. So I arrive with puking under way.

While Shel was cleaning up body fluid I picked up our very upset boy and held him on my lap. As I was holding him I felt his stomach gurgle and knew we were about to experience another bout of barking at the ants. I didn't have time to get to the bathroom so I held him, leaned forward and let him spew onto the floor. We avoided the furniture, the carpets, the clothing and managed to aim as well as could be expected. I was totally impressed with the finesse with which we managed the situation.

My spouse followed behind us to clean up the mess we had made. As she was cleaning up she said" Wow, Stomach acid really cleans the floor better than I have been able to scrub it!"
Her glass is always half full, and mine half empty. We make a great pair. I will hold puking kids as long as I never have to clean up after them, and she would prefer not to hold them and "aim!" And through al the realy gross moments that neither one of us would choose to endure, we share the moments and she brings a smile to my face. (Stomach acid really did a nice job of cleaning the floor!)

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Teena in Toronto said...

Shel sounds great :) I'm not that cheery when I'm cleaning up kitty puke.

I hope Max is feeling better.