Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Christmas shopping with a limited vocabulary

Max is old enough this year that we have decided he can participate in Christmas shopping as we pick up presents for one another and the pets.

Last year Christmas was COMPLETELY overwhelming and the poor kid was a wreck, but this year he is right into the spirit of things and excited about everything. Whenever we get into the van we have to listen to his Christmas music and snap our fingers. He snaps right along and reminds us if we happen to stop snapping for some reason. (Driving is not an excuse for not snapping by the way). We went for Christmas photos and he even sat on Santa's lap without crying!

Shopping on the other hand is something we need to work on still.

To say he is obsessed with extension cords and electricity is an understatement. There are a few stores in town we frequent and he can give you a grand tour of every aisle that has items needing plugs, where the cords run and where the outlets are.

Although his vocabulary is growing he still does not have a lot of words so you can't really ask him what he would like to get for his brother or we would end up wrapping an "onion" or a "hallway". That leaves pointing (which he does well).

Going down the aisle we ask, "Max, Would CJ like this?" His response to EVERY question is "No". Trying a different tack we ask, "Max, what would CJ like?" He responds to THIS question by escorting us to the aisle with extension cords. EVERYONE wants an extension cord according to Max. His moms, his brother, his dog, his cousins, and PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE Santa, don't forget an extension cord for him. He has a blue one already (if you needed help choosing a color).

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