Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Lending a helping hand

My little sister is away on a mission. Our communication with her is very limited - no phone calls or tweets, facebook updates or text messages.

In an email this week to my parents (she can write a letter once a week) she asked my mom for some help to get her transcripts from a university in Canada to one in the USA ... by THIS Friday.

My mom is in South Africa so making the calls for her is difficult. I offered to lend a helping hand.

Holy smokes, I might have to cut off my hand and send it in so they can verify my fingeprints are from MY hand in the process. There are SO many hoops to jump through to get a copy of ones grades sent from one university to another.

This is something I don't completely understand and perhaps someone out there can explain it to me.

I am calling on my sisters behalf and requesting for her transcripts to be sent from one educational institution to another. I am not asking for a copy of them myself. I have to have a letter from my sister, with her signature, telling the institution that I am permitted to request this on her behalf. DO they have my sister's signature on file that they will compare them? And what if she is sleepy or cut her finger and her signature doesn't match? What if she is trying out a "new" signature?

I'm thinking if I could GET such a letter from my sister, wouldn't she be calling for the grades herself? Or faxing in the request for transcript herself?

And call me crazy, but let's just say I was messing with someone. Would I call and request a transcript of their grades sent to another institution? Would that just REALLY mess with them?

What is so secretive about grades? Maybe if I REALLY wanted to mess with someone I would request their transcripts be sent to me and then I would take a real embarrassing grade, like a "C" in math and then I would pay for a HUGE billboard somewhere like Times square and have it say .... SO AND SO GOT A "C" in college math. Would that EVER mess with their life. They might lose their job or something over it. Or their girlfriend would totally break up with them. Or they might be denied that loan......

Who knew grades were so important...

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Teena in Toronto said...

That's gotta be frustrating!