Sunday, June 7, 2015

Emergency radio announcement

I'm waiting for an alert over the radio that says there's been a most unusual shift in the axis of the earth and everything has been knocked off kilter. 

Surely an air raid siren should be going off. People need to be warned to take cover. Stand under a doorframe or under a table, In a basement or a bathtub. They need to be protecting themselves right now. I want to scream at them as they walk obliviously by - "go home ! Shut the doors and batten down the hatches. Lock away your valuables and secure your precious things!" 

Birds should be flying sideways, grass and trees should be flattened, computers and cell phones should be oflfline from the sonic boom of energy caused when my heart exploded in my chest. 

Did no-one feel that but me? 

How is it possible that the crickets outside this window are chirping, that people are asleep in their beds, the birds still singing in the trees? It seems impossible that anyone survived . 

Pain is such a private thing. 

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