Friday, February 8, 2013


When I was younger I remember being told that if I lived my life and had ONE true friend I would be blessed. As I was writing my post on gratitude a while ago I thought of the friends I have currently and the friends I have had and how my life has truly been blessed by these people.

A few times I have had my feelings hurt and have felt betrayed by people I considered to be friends. It has always been somewhat difficult for me to "let go" of people when I wanted them to remain friends or to stay in contact with me. I remember one time in particular - over ten years ago now -  when someone I loved basically walked away from me. It left me reeling and it took me YEARS to get over it. Looking back on it I understand WHY I held on, but I wish I had been mature enough to walk away and accept the choice THEY made to leave.

This topic has come to the forefront of my mind again this week through a series of unfortunate events and I have to say at the end of the day I am SO very lucky in my life. I have a spouse who loves me, I have kids who love me, I have brothers and sisters and in-laws who love me. I have a mother who is a solid rock of support. And would you know it I have friends, true friends, who stand by me and who love me.

I have an aunt, whom I love with all of my heart, who is going through a tough time right now with a pretty severe illness - who loves me.

I'd like to think I am a good friend. I hope I am. I try to be. At the end of the day I have much to be thankful for and I am happy to say that I may have reached a point in my life where I can actually say "I'm good enough, I'm smart enough... " Whoops, that was a quote from SNL and not what I meant to say... I am happy to say I am at a point in my life where I can say " You know I am sad this friendship can't be what I would like, but I'm ok with it." I can say that because of the love that still surrounds me. So to those friends of mine who are sticking with me through it all - thanks peeps.

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Teena in Toronto said...

I'm pretty cold. If you hurt me, I can cut you lose and never let look back.