Tuesday, February 12, 2013

100 days project

Max has been in grade 1 for 100 days. This apparently is a big deal, which I was unaware of until this year. He has had a big project to work on for school today - he had to collect 100 items, display them, and take them to school to present to the class.
We came up with the idea to collect stamps from all over the world and put them on a poster. Thanks in HUGE part to my mom and my aunt, we were able to collect the stamps and put them on the poster. It is all done and delivered to school for him to present today.
 Following moms outline of the world - which leaves much to be desired!!!

 Getting started in South America.
 Drawing stamp books for everyone in the family - because it's related to the project how?????
 At one point last night he was just getting silly. Should I be shocked at all?
 The final poster all complete and ready for school.
 The presenting part is the tricky one for him. Here are the things he is going to present. He has a stamp that we bought yesterday that is "new". It is the Canada Stamp celebrating the year of the Snake.
He chose the stamps that are his favorite and they are from Libya. He likes them because they look "metal".
There is a stamp from Zimbabwe that cost $35 dollars that is the most expensive. It is actually not worth as much as some of the others because the Zimbabwe dollar is so terrible, but for presenting purposes it meets our needs!
Then there is the one stamp that is round. It is a South African stamp (and I think it may be my favorite of the bunch!)
 This stamp was the oldest. I actually think we have older stamps but I didn't take the time to look any further once we found this one.
 These are the stamps that cost the least amount of money.
 Here are his African and some of his European stamps  - we actually had more but I am happy with what we presented. Our outline of Africa is almost invisible! We had one from the Isle of Mann but it didn't make it to the poster.
 We put quite a few from Canada and the USA. Shel was quite disappointed with the ones we had from the USA. We will have to start paying attention and collecting more.
HUGE thanks to Aunty Bren and mom for helping on this project!

(Max has specified that he does not like "homework", he only likes "projects!"


Michelle said...

That's a great idea for a project! I bet no one else thought about stamps. I have a few Ukrainian stamps. I haven't looked at those in ages. I love the ones have for mailing stuff right now--Miles Davis and Edith Piaf.

Teena in Toronto said...

Wow! That's really cool!