Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Better than a "good boy"

The boys used to tell Shel and I that we were "good boys" if we did anything that they particularly liked. It was a wonderful compliment and brought a smile to my face every time I was "good enough" to be a good boy.
Today I got a call from Shel while I was at work. The lady from early intervention had visited the house this morning and when she went to leave she got stuck in the melting snow in the driveway.
Of course there were no shovels to be found in our yard and being a work day there were not neighbours close enough still home to call for help.
I hurried home as fast as I could and used the shovel I keep in the van to dig out the wheel of her vehicle. I went in and told her I was there and ready to push her out. She, Max and I pushed while Shel drove and we were able to get her out easily. (It is amazing what one can do with a shovel!!)
When I got back to work I discovered that Max declared me a Higgledy Town Hero for my role in the removal of the vehicle.
If there's one thing better than being a good boy - it's being a Higgledy Town Hero.