Thursday, November 29, 2012

Thursday Thirteen: Random

1. While driving to work today the sun was rising behind me. Looking at the shadow of the vehicle cast onto the road in front of me as I drove I thought it looked like Shrek's head. I wonder where the inspiration for Shrek's body type came from? Was it when someone was driving to work in a minivan?

2. In the middle of the night I awoke to my dogs face in mine. The first thought that entered my head was that I had missed an appointment to chaperone an event at work. I was certain the event had passed and that I had it on my calendar and wondered why no-one called me to find out where I was. I was extremely worried that they had the event unchaperoned. The feeling stuck with me all day and bothered me. It fascinates me that emotions I experience in my dream can linger into my wakefulness.

3. If it is so important to drink lots of water every day, why does drinking water increase the amount of times I need to go to the bathroom? Shouldn't my body be "using" more water? I have a huge issue with using the bathroom. Some people think sleep is a waste of time. I think using the bathroom is a waste of time. I hate doing it.

4. Dust jackets on books don't repel dust.

5. Why do people think it is sexy (or intimate) to have "relations" on a beach. Have they never tried to remove sand from body orifices?

6.Who named "the Earth"?
I googled the answer to this one: The name Earth originated from the 8th century Anglo-Saxon word erda, which means ground or soil. In Old English the word became eorthe, then erthe in Middle English.[106] Earth was first used as the name of the planet around 1400.

7. United Postal Service ( UPS ) has some pretty cool television ads where they talk about delivering packages all over the world. Nice ads but completely untrue. They don't deliver to my community and it is a HUGE pain. Everytime I see an ad with a UPS delivery man on a bike in China I wonder why I can't get a delivery to my town.

8. Customer service seems to be a thing of the past. I have in the past month encountered the worst customer service ever from two very large companies, CIBC and Honda. It is ridiculously frustrating and seems as though no-one cares to make any change, or apologise, or do anything to make my experience any better. It seems as though when you have to use a bank and you have to use a car you are a hostage to the people who provide the service - poor as it is.

9. Why does armpit hair grow so fast?

10. Max wrote us a thank-you card in school because it is apparently parent appreciation week. He said in the card "Thanks for feeding me". I told him he is welcome. I wonder what he thinks parents are for if not for feeding him?

11. I would love to take a waking tour of the places I dream of at night. I don't always dream about the same thing but I do know that I have dreams of places that as I am dreaming I am thinking to myself "I have been to this place in my dreams before". It would be so cool to have a tour of these places when I could remember them.

12. I like to stop in once in a while at one of the local gas stations and get some hot chocolate. The one place has a REALLY good hot chocolate machine. I went in this week to get some and they have "upgraded" to another, crappier hot chocolate. SO ANNOYING when things "upgrade" for no justifiable reason. Now I have no reason to stop there anymore and get hot chocolate. Bummer.

13.The thing I miss the most about moving from the city is the access to a movie theater. When I first moved I hated just about everything about being in a small town. After ten years there are still things I find annoying but for the most part I prefer it to living in a city with one exception. After ten years I STILL miss the movie theater.

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Teena in Toronto said...

There is no such thing as customer service these days :(