Thursday, November 1, 2012

Cold Cold Halloween

Yup, that's snow you see there behind my dragon. It has snowed a LOT this year. The snow is early and it made for a COLD Halloween. The day started out at a balmy -21 degrees Celsius. It was not cold enough to stop my little trick or treaters from getting out and hitting the town and country in search of the all powerful motivator - SUGAR!!!!

The snow has not only caught us human folk off guard - it caught some of the trees off guard as well. The leaves have not yet dropped from a LOT of the trees in our area. I can only hope these stragglers get rid of their leaves before we get freezing rain and the weight of the branches wreaks destruction.

I'm still boggled by the amount of snow, but it didn't snow on our parade! Our kids had a BLAST. They were excited from the moment they woke up. Shel pulled a masterful save on a costume for MAx who wanted to be a dog but we couldn't get all the elements together. He made a great dragon/dinosaur (?!) I know every parent thinks their kids are the cutest. Ours are.

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Teena in Toronto said...

They loos sooooooo cute!

When I was in Edmonton last week, landing in a small snow storm was a bit of a shock!