Wednesday, August 29, 2012

word verification on blogs

I would like to be a better follower of blogs, but I have to admit I am not.
There are a handful of blogs I follow faithfully and I try to comment on them as often as they post but I only take time once a week or so to make sure I have posted.
My spouse on the other hand, when she was blogging, commented faithfully and had quite a following of her blog.
I have come to realize that one of the reasons I don't comment more is word verification.
I just tried to post a comment on a blog and it took me FOUR TIMES to understand what the word verification was. I am not a spammer. I am not a computer, I have no reason to post spam to someones blog, but having to try and decipher what a word is on that word verification thing is becoming impossible.
Unless I can understand the letters the first time I am likely not going to stick around and try to guess it again. So if you are one of the three or four places I comment and all of a sudden you notice I am not commenting anymore it is because I am not a cryptologist and I have not one clue what that mess of letters is I am supposed to interpret before posting something to your blog.
By the way - I think I just took my word verification off. I guess I will soon find out how many spammers are out there waiting with baited breath to inundate my blog with pointless comments.

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Teena in Toronto said...

I know!!!!! I can't read the word most of the time and it takes me a while sometime to get it right.