Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Outside my Window : August

Outside my window...

I am thankful for... warm sunny days that we can spend in the yard.
From the kitchen... we have been drinking lots of iced tea and lemonade on these hot days. Summertime is made for lemonade!
I am wearing... what a shocker - BIRKENSTOCKS! I need a new pair
I am creating...a menu for the month of September with my spousal unit tonight. I am looking forward to it.
I am reading... Why Men Lie by a Canadian author for a Canadian book challenge. I am not loving it and DRAGGING through it. It takes too long for me to read books I don't enjoy.
I am hoping... that camping this weekend is a success.

I am hearing... the sound of the mini fridge I just put back into my office for yet ANOTHER attempt to eat healthier at work and quit eating from the vending machines.
Around the house... we are getting used to granny being gone. It is quiet.
One of my favorite things... summer bar b que

Here is a picture I am sharing... 

A photo of my boys on the hay bales. We take a picture like this every year at harvest time.