Monday, July 23, 2012

Why I should be nominated for mother of the year

My littlest minion has some sensory issues and a wicked strong gag reflex. Yesterday he and his brother jumped on the trampoline while emptying a full container of talcum powder which I imagine was all kinds of fun but of course he breathed it in and it made his throat "sticky". Add to that a day in the sun at the drag races and putting just a LITTLE too much chicken in his mouth at the supper table and folks, he started to gag.
Let me just segue here for one minute and give you some insight into my personal experience with food. In my own personal history I have been someone you could describe as "particular" about food and eating. If  something puts me off while eating I have been historically unable to continue eating. If we are eating at a restaurant and the center of my food is cold and the outside hot (indicative of food being heated in a microwave) I am unable to continue eating. If I witness someone I am at the table with cutting into meat that bleeds - unable to continue eating. If I order fried eggs over hard and the yolks run- unable to continue eating. So it's a given that if someone happens to vomit at the table, I would be unable to continue eating.
Last night I happened to be the person closest to CJ at the dinner table. I saw the gag, knew what was coming and grabbed a napkin and held it up for him. He puked - INTO MY HAND. That's right folks. I said INTO my hand. I managed to get everything and not spill a drop, put it all into the garbage, get him to the bathroom, look after him while he kept barking at the ants, get him stripped and into the tub and out of the tub and dressed.
OH yeah.
I am so amazed at myself and my phenomenal parenting skills. Is there a Nobel prize for that shiz?
Uh oh... as I am writing this I am getting nauseous.... One se

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Teena in Toronto said...

Good for you! I guess it's different if it's your kid. I'd lose it if someone hurled near me.