Thursday, January 19, 2012

When it is -40 C

Winter arrived this week with a vengeance. We have had a SUPER mild year so far and so when the temperatures dropped to fourty below ( which is where the celcius and farenheit scales are the same for those of you wondering) we were not happy.
At work somehow (because how do topics ever come up at work I don't know) we started talking about what happens when you throw water outside when it is this cold.
Well R said that it evaporates immediately. I thought she was messing with the girl she was talknig to and told her she was full of B.S.
She insisted she was correct and so I went to the kitchen, got a cup of cold water and went outside and threw it into the air. Well nothing happened at all so I gave R "the look" which meant - you are a lying sack of @#$ and we came inside.
Determined to prove she was right she busted out the all knowing, all powerful, google search and lo and behold, if you BOIL water and THEN throw it outside the most amazing thing happens.
Kept us occupied for at LEAST a half hour!!
Enjoy :


Michelle said...

Whoa! That is some Hogwarts stuff right there!

I'm such a wuss. We've had a mild winter here in Indiana, which means we've had weeks in the 40s and even 50s. Winter finally came, and it's 20 degrees. I was feeling oh so sorry for myself. -40??? Yikes!

Teena in Toronto said...


bridg said...

Hi there,
I have just found your blog, following along other blog rolls (as you do) and was staggered by your temp. Where I live we're well into a week of +40C - the contrast is staggering... a full 80C difference - unbelievable.
Thanks for the vid, I wouldn't have believed it.