Tuesday, November 20, 2007


In the mornings when I get up for work I have a little routine.
I let the dogs out (but not the cats), go out and start the truck, come in, go to the bathroom,then go into the kitchen to make M a bottle and take the bottle upstairs. Once I am upstairs I change his diaper, give him his bottle and then go out into the hallway to pick out something to wear from my closet (upstairs). Then I come downstairs and let the dogs in.

We had been using the light over the stove as a "night light" but the last week we have been turning it off. I have been doing all of the above mentioned steps in the dark except I use the light from the fridge to see what I am doing in the kitchen.
I don't sleep in socks and I don't have any slippers by my bed. If I DID have slippers by my bed then the cats would drag them all over in the night and #1. I would be annoyed at the interruption in my sleep and #2. I wouldn't have them in the morning anyway. So I do everything barefooted.

Yesterday when I got to work Shel sent me a text message and asked me if I saw the mouse in the kitchen. I hadn't seen it and I asked her about it when I got home.
It was dead of course, killed by our mousers (our dog being the best mouser in a house full of cats so I don't know exactly WHO was responsible for the little prize).
I am VERY glad it wasn't brought into the bedroom, but Shel thought I may have stepped on it in my morning "rounds" since it's head was crushed.


I don't know if I stepped on it or not. I don't REMEMBER stepping on anything that squished beneath my feet as I trucked around the kitchen, but then again... the dogs ALWAYS slurp their water all over the floor so if you walk too close to the dog bowls you will step in something wet. M has a habit of "feeding" the dogs from his highchair tray and so occasionally there is a piece of orange peel we have missed on the floor and I try to walk in big circles around the chair because I have been known to step in something deposited and missed in the cleanup.
What i am saying here is...... there is a possibility that I DID step on that mouse and not even know it.


This morning when I woke up I turned on my bedside lamp, the hallway light, the bathroom light, the living room light, the porch light, the truck interior light, the truck headlights, the kitchen light, the light up the stairs, M's bedroom light (poor kid). If you had been viewing earth from say... the moon, you would have seen in the DARKNESS which is rural northern Alberta, lights equalling the brightness of the Luxor in Las Vegas.

I did not step on a mouse this morning.

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