Wednesday, April 13, 2016

12 of 12 : April

Normally I do much better at this than I did this month and now I am having difficulty with my blog formatting which is frustrating. Oh well. Here are my twelve photos - only ten from today because apparently that was all I took today - and not in order of how the day progressed because that's how they are uploading today apparently.

#1. Here is my girl at the end of the day going through all of her clean clothes and wearing everything she could get her hands on. I used to wonder why we had so much laundry  - but I have to keep a close eye on this one who will put clothes into the laundry pile even if she wears them for two minutes - as evidenced by her actions this evening.

 #2. This is actually a photo from yesterday - Maxie man brought this home from school today. I don't know if he actually does school work but this made me happy anyway.

 #3. My Tibetan Prayer flags hanging outside my bedroom window. I need all the prayers I can get.

#4. It is warm enough to wear my birkenstocks today. I may be a little premature since it is only April, but I am being optimistic. There is even a little green grass starting to show.

#5. It's almost a daily visit to Sara's now that the sheep are lambing and some need to be bottle fed. I don't know if she is sick of us or not  yet but the kids want to go every day to see what is unfolding at the farm and help with chores.

#6. Here is another one not from today. This weekend we raked the yard with lots of help.

#7. Max is determined to have a garden this year so he got some of the seeds started. He wasn't waiting around for me to get to it!

#8. Feed the lambs. Check. Oil the bikes. Check. CJ got done everything on his list today!

#9. Obligatory photo of the  dog.

#10. You cant see in this photo but there is a calf in this pen ( by the name of Steve ) who was the intended recipient of this visit.

#11. Bottle babies. Dr. Pepper is just what the doctor ordered.

#12. The end of my day every Tuesday. Ink Master. Love this show.

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