Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Something is amiss

This morning Max could not find both  of his boots and so he wore mine. It's a good thing he has feet as large as mine! After he left for school I found the missing boot, but alas, I chose not to wear HIS boots to work today. It might or might not have something to do with preteen boy foot smell.
I went looking for something to wear to work and since I have still not found one of my Birkenstocks I literally have no footwear to wear to work. I have one pair of winter boots and one pair of Birkenstocks.
So I went searching for footwear and I found a pair of almost matching flip flops. They are not a matched pair, one is larger than the other, but I chose to wear them anyway.
The only drawback to wearing unmatched flip flops - besides the fact that they feel strange - is that I have one foot with my toe nails painted and one foot without. The kids started to paint my toes for St. Patrick's day and amazingly lost interest half way through and so one foot remains "unpainted". The foot that has no toenail polish on it has a black toenail from when I kicked the riser in the house a while ago. This is not the same incident as when I slipped on a Vienna Sausage and kicked the stair and split my toe open.
I have since remedied the toenail situation, but not the shoe situation. I really need to find that Birkenstock is all I can say!
I thought I would stop into the store and grab myself a pair of sandals that were the same size, but when I went and looked at them they were FOURTY FIVE dollars each! There's no way I am paying that much for a pair of sandals. I think I might be wearing odd flip flops for a while.

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