Thursday, March 12, 2015

March 12 of 12

Here are twelve photos taken today, the 12th of March. 
When the baby woke up the first thing she wanted to do was put on her snowsuit. Then she had a tantrum I wouldn't let her outside. 
CJ said he couldn't go to school today because the cat was in his lap. 
Of course while CJ was still inside with the cat, max had scraped the van windows and shovelled off the deck and was ready to go. He's my hard workin man!

Insane freezing rain today. Roads were bad. 
Then the sun came out and everything started melting. 

My list of things to do - which I started to write on Tuesday- is not getting smaller. 
She always falls asleep in the car - never long enough to get a good rest. She is holding a painting she made for me. 
All she wants to do is go outside. He dressed her up when he got home from school and watched her in the yard. He takes his role as "big brother" VERY seriously . 
She is done sitting in a high chair. She only wants to be with the big kids. 
Baby selfie. 
Mom and baby selfie 

I get sucked into taking these surveys about the number of different kinds of books I have read. This was was for NPR's list of top 100 teen novels and I have read 53 of them. I have written down the ones I haven't read and intend on reading all of them. I am currently number 278 out of 22384 people who have taken the survey. Not bad! 

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