Saturday, May 18, 2013

Bike riding

Our boys love little other than being on their bikes from the time their heads come off the pillow in the morning until we are dragging them in at bedtime.
I love bike riding season aswell, it just feels like I spend a LOT of it fixing bikes. This summer our goal is for Shel and I to join these little expeditions.

A few years ago when the farmer whose fields surround our house took down all the trees, he moved some grain bins onto our property. He asked if he could and told us he was selling them and they would be taken away. He did sell them. They were removed. Left behind however were four large cement pads which initially was a huge frustration to us but has since turned into quite an adventure for the boys.

I cannot BELIEVE how tall my oldest boy is getting. He has the most adorable smile.


Michelle said...

How fun for the kids! In addition to being an unusual bike course, those could be all kinds of imaginary things for playing--spaceship landing pads, etc. :) I can imagine covering those with chalk drawings, too. Ok, I think I need to go play somewhere. :)

Teena in Toronto said...

It's got to be a great place to ride bikes!

Boy, is he ever getting big!

JCB said...

Michelle, we have big plans for all we will do with these pads and chalk drawings is on the list!
Teena - I KNOW! It blow my mind how big he is.