Wednesday, May 1, 2013

And the water started to flow

It has felt like a LONG winter. We had snow on the ground that has stayed since before the end of October and here we are at the end of April/beginning  of May and this week we had a heavy snow fall warning.
On April 21 when we walked to the corner and looked back at our yard it looked like this.


Then on Saturday April 27th the wind started to blow and the snow started to melt and all of a sudden the fields were deep with water.

 The wind was blowing so hard the water in the field had whitecaps! WE were out watching the water and realized it was rising FAST. It was coming up over the road in places.
 Here Max is walking along the road that is being covered by water. It was getting deeper and deeper and flowing faster and faster and we decided it was a good time to head home. The wind was BITTERLY cold and the water was ICE cold.
 As we got home we realized the dugout had overflowed, the ditch had overflowed and the water was now flowing over our driveway!!!!
We kept a close eye on the water levels and thankfully they didnt get any higher, although we do have what appears to be a lakefront property now!
The water rose and rose and then froze overnight and then started to receed. It has left some interesting ice formations in the fields now.

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