Monday, November 28, 2011


I am really having a hard time getting my mind bent around Christmas this year when it comes to gifts for the boys.
We live a blessed life. The boys have clothing, toys, and pretty much everything they need. Trying to decide what to get them for Christmas is stumping me.
They have toys which they play with often and which they enjoy. We have whittled and whittled and whittled the toys away and so the house is not full of things they don't use but we really don't have the space to bring in a bunch of stuff. I'm sure some people would think they have a lot of "stuff", but I think we have been good about keeping the toys to a minimum (compared to how much we used to have!)
I am not concerned with having a million things under the Christmas tree but they boys are old enough to really "get" the idea of giving and receiving so it is important to me that there is SOMETHING for them to unwrap.
Max wants his own tree for his bedroom. I am having enough trouble coming up with ideas for presents under one tree, I don't need another! Somehow I am certain if we get him lights and extension cords he will be thrilled.


Ranavan said...

It is hard because you don't want to them think Christmas is only about getting "stuff" and also how much "stuff" do they really need? We are like you - Ade has toys but we don't buy him new toys really. Plus he gets lots of "stuff" from other people.

We also want to instill in him that fact that many people go without at Christmas time as well as the whole year round.

I was out shopping today and it was all so overwhelming that I left without buying much.

Teena in Toronto said...

I'm stumped as to what to get people this year.