Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Write off

Well, the damage to my little car was too extensive to repair and so it has been written off by the insurance company and I am getting a check for it - unfortunately for me the check is not as large as the amount I owe and so I will continue to have to pay for a vehicle I do not have :(. I'm so sad :( 


Dan Schwent said...

That really sucks.

My brother bought something called gap insurance that would allegedly pay off any difference between the settlement and what they still owed if the van was totaled. His wife totaled the van over the summer by hitting a deer and they still don't have their money.

Oddly enough, my brother also has a hilarious blog: http://badtwindad.blogspot.com/

Michelle said...

Oh, no! So sorry about your car, but glad you weren't hurt.

Teena in Toronto said...

You still have to pay for the car? My first husband totalled my car years ago and I still owed a ton of $$ on it and the insurance paid it off.