Wednesday, December 30, 2015


It must be because it is the end of the year that I am waxing nostalgic about friendships. It has been three years since my friend Ed passed away and two years that my aunt has been gone. I miss them both a lot and know that if they were still here we would still be close. Which got me thinking about peoplewho are still alive who have "fallen" out of my life. Some I miss, some I resent, but I wonder in friendships how much it is up to one person to maintain contact and reciprocity. The people who I am in contact with now all give to our friendships in some level or another. I consider myself a good and loyal friend but I wonder sometimes if some people would be around if it wasn't my reaching out to them that kept us together. Good friends are hard to come by. New friends are hard to make and some old friends are hard to keep. Sad really. 

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Michelle said...

So sorry for your losses.

I think sometimes about friends who have come and gone as opposed to the ones I've had for years. It's interesting to think of some friendships as seasonal, but you can't really guess which ones will be that way at the time they're flourishing. Sad in a way, but natural...I guess. ???