Wednesday, August 12, 2015

August : 12 of 12

So here is some of my day in photo  form: 
1) CJ trying to put the dogs to sleep. 

2) Max and K cleaning the scum out  of the pool so they could play in the water. 
3) hard at work 
4) I don't know why he insists on standing on this thing. He is going to fall and break his arm. I told Sara not to call me when it breaks. She said she will wait till it's all set and in a cast before she lets me know the bad news. ( it's way taller than it looks here ) 
5) the doctor says I need three things 1) sleep 2) better nutrition. This is my attempt at better nutrition. I don't like the grape flavour. Good to know. ( and yes - I know I didn't say the third thing the doctor says I need!) 
6) I was actually surprised that I liked this bar. That's a first for me and nutrition supplement bars . 
7) I didn't take this picture today but Shelly did and sent it to me. I love my baby. 
8) I had to go get some paperwork signed at a farm out of town. I love these things I stumble upon in my travels . 
9) bins 
10) this is our own garden. The kids planted sun flowers. 
11) Brownie 
12) the gas company came out and marked the line. If the addition happens  - or not may be a step closer - or not. 


Michelle said...

Beautiful photos!

Teena in Toronto said...

Ditto what Michelle said!