Thursday, March 27, 2014

12 of 12

On the 12 of the month I took 12 photos of my day. I had every intention of uploading them ON the 12th, but like most of my good intentions, the plan lived only in my mind and not in reality. I still wanted to post the photos though, so here is my day on the 12th of this month, in 12 images.
 #1. It is FINALLY warming up and the first sign that it isn't just my imagination is the fact that the town is removing the winter lights from the light posts in town. Hip Hip Hooray!

 #2. The Fine Arts Center in Town is having a silent auction of art collected over the years from art competitions. This week we can go in and look at all the past winners of art competitions and decide if we want to bid on any art at the auction later this month.

 #3. Here is one wall of art winners. They don't have this competition anymore. It's too bad really. It seems like it would have been a fun event.

 #4. I thought this piece etched out of wood was cool.
 #5. Here is a piece of some abandoned buildings. These buildings used to be all over the place and I loved to see them in the fields. Now many of them are gone and it won't be long till this painting is all that remains of them.

 #6. I looked out the window and what did I see? RUNNING WATER! More evidence of spring!!!

 #7. Trying to do some art projects and not just "colouring books" . I am enjoying seeking out ideas and them working on them.

 #8. Our little Brownie. She will be four months old this month. She likes her Skunk toy. Between one job and the next I had to run home for a minute and she was outside with her toys. She usually doesn't like to be on the snow - it is too cold for her tender sensibilities!

 #9. Evidence of the boys playing on the snow hill. This has been the most amazing thing to have in our yard this winter. Ben Rocks.

 #10. Standing outside and listening to the water come down through the pipes and I thought "This is what spring means to me." Then I looked at the water coming down the downspout and HELLO?! I that an electrical outlet right there?! It figures!

 #11. My day is done and I am headed home, but I know someone will be waiting to see if I arrive with Milk and I cannot let that little man down!

#12. Thank-goodness it is open 24 hours. Soon it will still be light out when I leave to go home at night.

That's my day folks!

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Teena in Toronto said...

You guys still have waaaaaaaaaaay too much snow :)