Saturday, February 22, 2014

Silly Zuva

Zuva is our dog. We got her from a local rescue as a puppy many years ago. She is a great dog and she is getting older. She is not so fond of playing all the time any more - our first real physical sign of her age. She has always been very playful. She will still play, but now on her terms, not on ours. She is fond of finding cozy places to rest, and at Christmas she decided one of those spaces was under the tree where no-one could easily reach her. Silly pup.


Teena in Toronto said...

She's the best present ever under a tree!

JCB said...

She is an AWESOME present and she makes me laugh. Since we have had new puppies in the house she has started "howling" when they howl. In all her life she has never done it and now that others are doing it she is joining in! I love her.

JCB said...
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