Monday, December 16, 2013

The holidays are so hard.

I am a huge fan of the holidays. I ADORE tradition and making traditions with my own family is something I love to do. Unfortunately, the holidays are a HUGE stressor for the boys. Change is difficult at the best of times and holidays are so stimulating it can be completely overwhelming. The excitement at school is one thing, but add to that decorations, lights, music, presents, and preparing gifts for family members and it is too too much for my children.
We have tried to decorate early - in November - and leave the decorations up for a super long time for the boys to get used to. We have tried decorating on Christmas Eve and take everything down by Boxing day so there is not so much time to get distressed by the changes.
Let's just say that in the seven years we have had Max, we have had seven different variations on how we attempt to incorporate the holidays in our home. We have still not hit upon the plan that best minimizes the overstimulation. It's a HUGE frustration for Shel and I. We WANT to have a festive and happy holiday. Here we are, less than ten days away from Christmas and we don't have anything up. Well, we do have a Christmas table cloth.
It's so crazy. The "happiest" time of year and I am grieving the loss of my "dream" of Christmas.
I wish I knew what to do to make it the best for the boys without feeling as though I am missing out on something that I love.

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Michelle said...

Wow, what a challenge. Here's to hoping you can find the right balance for your family.