Saturday, June 8, 2013

365/17 Sarah

Try this: make a list of 365 people whose names you remember and who were interesting to you. And then, if you can, write down a few words about each of them before they're gone from your memory. If you can't do this, it might be wise to spend the next 365 days meeting more people in person who are interesting to you. Learn their names.

Last night a friend of mine was hanging out, quadding, having fun on a Friday night. She stopped to wash off the quad in the river and was swept away by the current. Her body was found today. I am in total shock.
Sarah was an AMAZING person. That seems like a cliche, like something you are SUPPOSED to say about a person who has passed away. In this case it is not cliche, but true.

I have known Sarah for about five years. She works in the housing office on the other campus and I have reason to talk with her FREQUENTLY, many times a week and some times many times in a day. When she sees my number come up on the caller id she answers the phone "Hey, Hey, Lady!"

She is friendly, helpful, kind, and I feel honored to have known her. We always chat and laugh of the phone when I call. On the rare opportunities I have to visit the other campus I always stop in and visit. I have never seen her without a smile on her face. She is a RARE person. An incredible person.

I will miss hearing her voice. I am just in shock that this has happened. I keep checking her facebook status as though all of a sudden she is going to post something and let us all know this is some kind of sick joke and she is ok. I just can't stop thinking about it. This is so insane. Rest in Peace my friend.